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Quizzes by Physics topic:

Science Fundamentals

  • Geometry & Trigonometry Quiz
    • perform geometry and trigonometry calculations for a wide variety of 2D and 3D shapes
    • options for units and word problems
  • Density Calculations Quiz
    • calculate density, mass or volume of over 150 different materials
    • g/cm3 or k/m3; simple or word problems
  • Scientific Notation Quiz
    • convert between scientific notation and decimal notation
  • SI Conversions Quiz
    • convert between SI prefixes (e.g., grams to milligrams)
    • one-step and two-step conversions
  • Significant Figures Quiz
    • count significant figures (“sig figs”) in a variety of numbers in decimal or scientific notation
    • perform simple arithmetic calculations and report answers with correct number of sig figs

Kinematics (position & motion)

  • Linear Motion Quiz
    • perform kinematics calculations in one dimension
    • constant velocity or constant acceleration
  • Motion Graphs Quiz
    • interpret displacement, distance, velocity and acceleration vs. time graphs
    • options for lines or dots, colors or black & white, and word problems
  • Vector Calculations Quiz
    • determine component vectors or perform vector addition calculations in two dimensions
    • options for diagrams and word problems
  • Projectile Motion Quiz
    • perform projectile motion calculations from flat and elevated surfaces
    • solve for distance, height, initial velocity, time and angle

Dynamics (forces, momentum & energy)

Circular Motion and Gravitation

  • Circular Motion Quiz
    • perform circular motion calculations for centripetal acceleration, force and velocity
    • option to also solve for period and frequency
  • Universal Gravitation Quiz
    • perform calculations for gravitational force and acceleration due to gravity
    • problems include real and randomly generated astronomical bodies
    • aligns with NGSS HS-PS2-4
  • Rotational Motion Quiz
    • perform circular motion calculations involving angular velocity and acceleration of rotating objects
    • angle unit option for radians, degrees and revolutions
  • Torque & Rotational Dynamics Quiz
    • perform torque and rotational dynamics calculations
    • moment of inertia, rotational kinetic energy, work and power from torque, and angular momentum

Electricity and Magnetism

  • Coulomb’s Law & Electric Fields Quiz
    • perform electric force and electric field calculations using Coulomb’s Law
    • options for one, two or three charged particles
    • aligns with NGSS HS-PS2-4 and HS-PS3-5
  • Electric Potential & Capacitance Quiz
    • perform work, electric field, electric potential and capacitance calculations
    • convert between electronvolts and joules
    • aligns with NGSS HS-PS3-1 and HS-PS3-2
  • Electric Current Quiz
    • perform current, potential (voltage), resistivity and power calculations
    • over 30 different varieties of problems, including an option for word problems
  • DC Circuits Quiz
    • perform resistor and capacitor calculations in series and parallel
    • also emf of a battery and RC circuit problems
  • Magnetism Quiz
    • perform magnetic force calculations for current-carrying wires and moving charged particles
    • perpendicular magnetic field vectors or at a random angle
    • aligns with NGSS HS-PS2-5 and HS-PS3-5
  • Electromagnetic Induction Quiz
    • perform electromagnetic induction calculations for loops and moving conductive rods
    • changing magnetic flux, area, radius, and magnetic field strength
    • aligns with NGSS HS-PS2-5

Waves & Optics

  • Refraction Quiz
    • perform refraction calculations for speed of light in a medium, Snell’s Law and total internal reflection
    • dozens of varieties of word problems
    • aligns with NGSS HS-PS4-1
  • Geometric Optics (Mirrors & Lenses) Quiz
    • perform calculations for concave and convex mirrors as well as converging and diverging lenses
    • solve for focal length, image distance, object distance, magnification
  • Physical Optics Quiz
    • perform calculations involving diffraction and polarization
    • thin slits and diffraction gratings; light intensity and Brewster’s angle
    • aligns with NGSS HS-PS4-3


  • Gas Laws Quiz
    • Boyle’s Law, Charles’ Law, Gay-Lussac’s Law, Combined Gas Law & Ideal Gas Law
    • multiple unit options; simple or word problems; chemical formulas or names

Modern Physics

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